Woodland Friends

Recreating British Woodland

Our Aims

Woodland Friends recreates native woodland in the UK by turning redundant agricultural land into thriving new woodland.

Our philosophy is closely aligned to that of re-wilding, i.e. helping the natural habitat of the landscape regenerate. The British Isles was almost entirely covered in forest in the past. This was the romantic wildwood, described in various historical and literary works.

Britain's extensive woodland cover became established a few thousand years after the end of the last glacial period (10000 years ago) and persisted between roughly 5500BC to 1500AD before forest clearance for farming, fuel and building materials incessantly ate away at the woodland. What many people don't realise is that we're still living in an ice age!

If we leave any land for long enough, it will eventually return to its natural state but this can take a long time: maybe many hundreds or a few thousand years. By actively planting trees, we can speed up the process of natural regeneration.

Woodland Facts

Britain is one of the least wooded countries in Europe with less than 2% of land covered in native ancient woodland.

Woodland is the natural environment for the majority of British plants and animals.

Each tree we plant saves about 200kg of C02 (most conservative estimate).

The UK is committed to a net 0 level of greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

Glacier image by Adam Derewecki and deer image by Lubos Houska on Pixabay

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